Sunday, April 09, 2006

Great Open House

This weekend's open house was really terrific at 4518 N Ashland. Open both Saturday and Sunday, over a dozen groups came through. The majority were sent by Realtors or viewed one of our many advertisements. With showings previously in the week, and now two Monday night, I expect an offer this week.

Pricing was a very important aspect of this listing. It is difficult to find a 2 bed 2 bath with the same space, low assessments and location of this unit. It shows great and I market to all my contacts. As well our exposure is diverse. We feature properties on the most used web sites and continue to utilize Google and yahoo campaigns to reach condo buyers. We even have a full color print ad.

Sometimes it is difficult taking a listing that just doesn't look good. Sometimes clients demand to price the listing too high. This time, however, it's hard to deny the price is excellent and the showings are a pleasure.

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