Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Under contract! Buyer clients choose North Center new construction house in Audubon

Our clients are under contract on 1920 W Eddy, a new construction home asking $1,475,000.  It's going up fast! (Photo Eric Rojas, Broker with Kale Realty)

Our buyer clients this year wanted a new construction house near the Lincoln Square area.  After helping them research new construction house trends in the area, they expanded the search a little south to North Center where more opportunities for their budget and wish list were available.

We are representing them on the purchase of 1920 W Eddy (asking $1,475,000) in North Center and in the popular Audubon School attendance district.  The house was barely a foundation when we checked out the location.  We were then able to look at the same house (nearly finished) on the same lot size in another location.  This was really helpful and clinched the decision.
The 1900 block of West Eddy features original and inviting brick homes and large renovated frame "Colonials and Queen Ann's"

The original structure was a frame home purchased for $540,000 in late 2012. Our buyer clients felt wide lot (30') new construction homes do not come up often and they preferred the "four bedrooms up" the extra width provides.  They liked the proximity to the CTA Brown Line which they use daily. They also witnessed two other new construction houses of interest go under contract nearby well before their completion and before they could see them (on standard 25' lots to boot).

The contract is now in attorney review.  Congratulations so far and we look forward to a smooth closing process. What a fantastic high-end home by a long time reputable builder!