Friday, June 22, 2007

Walk in West Andersonville Gardens

I like a good walk, and these days a walk with my boy comprises most of my social life.

West Andersonville Gardens pictured here stretches from the 5100 north block of Ravenswood (at West Winnemac) to about the 5900 N block (at West Rosehill in front of The Fireside).

Well, the actual "gardens" probably do not make it all the way to The Fireside, but this stretch of road is a great way to kill some time and admire “going green thumb” in the city for real. And, I don’t know… end up having a few beers along the way.

In fact, there are lot of great spots and stops along the West Andersonville Garden walk. Check out my fave The Ravenswood Pub. Many of my friends and I use to go to this place all the time back in the day for drinks, smokes, classic juke box... and a game of pool. Now, it's a great mix of old school VFW and modern bar amenities. Great specials and events. The bar owners are some really great people... people... so check this place out.

Maybe brunch at Paulines is your thing... or a glass of wine at dusk at Joie de Vine

Join the West Andersonville Neighbors Together (WANT) in planting days each summer. The latest one is this Saturday 6/23/07!! I have to work.

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