Thursday, October 18, 2007

Outdoor space is too important in Chicago

For $750K plus, I'd hope for better outdoor space. I don't believe these town homes in Ravenswood have roof top decks. If this is it... I'll pass.


Anonymous said...

I have viewed these homes and, although they do not have roofdecks or a lot of outdoor space, they are not only very, very lovely but also (and most importantly) extremely well built by high-quality builders, Mangan Builders (hard to find these days). Shame on you as a real estate professional for negatively commenting on this property without even seeing it.

Eric Rojas said...

HA! Shame on me for personally wanting more outdoor space for $700K plus?

Shame on you for making an anonymous post. You must have an interest in the property or maybe you an autie or uncle?. I've been watching the progress and price on these things forever, hoping to sell one. And I never dissed the builder, my friend. So you're being a little defensive. I think they do great work.

BTW, I met with John Mangan today and had a great showing with my clients of this development. He can tell you I was nothing but pleasant and positive (as usual of course).

I'm sure he's happy I've written about the homes a couple times here on this site and also linked a story on the development. Free advertising.

The homes are now $699K... much better price for the area. But they only have the one terrace off the great room, overlooking the parking and driveways.

Oh, unfortunately my clients are going to write an offer on a Lakeview townhome... but I'll show these again.

And I still would like more outdoor space for $699K! The places are nice, and its a top notch builder.