Monday, February 23, 2009

This is Your Chicago Short Sale...

This is your Chicago short sale on mold

My contractor and I have been out on the prowl again looking for investment properties. We like the upside of Avondale due to it's proximity to the Belmont Blue Line station, access to highways and retail development. It is an easy commute to downtown.

The above house is pretty close to the high way... and we ruled it a tear down. The floor plan has been really torn up and the house is consumed with mold. Somehow it was sold for over $400,000 a few years ago on a less then desirable block. It's listed now around $160,000. There is no way this house was ever really worth over $400,000...ever. Never ever. I have clients who live just south of here in Avondale in $400K houses, and they are really nice houses.

Famous Illinois Prairie grass

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Anonymous said...

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