Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Parking in Chicago? Moratorium on Tickets

Chalk one up for the little guy? Or, at least the Realtor parking his car a dozen times a day around the city. According to this MSNBC story, Chicago Police have been asked not to issue tickets at any of the "ticket box" parking areas due to malfunctions. I like the ticket boxes in place of meters and really had no issue with the cost of street parking going up.

There has been plenty of criticism of the Chicago City Council's lightly scrutinized and poorly executed deal that leases Chicago's parking meters forever (well, almost forever). Turns out now Mayor Daily has had to (basically) apologize recently that the transition was too fast, ineffective and that real problems still remain.

Most people are upset at the rush (surprise!) in which this lease deal was pushed through in the City Council and the private vendor exasperated citizens with little capacity to make a smooth crossover change. I think we all get a little tired of leasing our everyday lives to vendors we can't control. At least we can vote the bums out of the City Council.

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