Monday, June 14, 2010

Town home hunting in Lincoln Park: A marathon, not a sprint!

Our marathoner home buyers check out "The Pointe" in Lincoln Park... steps from the Lakefront.

My partner Bob was out this weekend showing Lincoln Park town homes with our clients. They are avid runners and just zipped over from the North Shore Half Marathon on Sunday morning. Somehow, Bob and I missed that one!

We enjoy working with our clients in diverse ways to provide a fun and informative house hunting experience. We ask clients their preference, be it walking to showings, cycling, or of course, picking them up and driving to our scheduled appointments. Each provides a great opportunity to talk shop and get to know the neighborhoods.

Lincoln Park provides more than it's fair share of real estate eye candy while walking from property to property. The multi-million dollar mansions, turn of the century architecture, the Lincoln Park Zoo, Lake Michigan, shops and restaurants... you name it! If you think walking or riding to showing appointments is your style of home shopping, give us a call. Remember though, we like our cars too.

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