Friday, May 04, 2012

Work begins on newest Lincoln Square luxury house

The developer makes quick work after purchasing an old house at 2104 W Sunnyside in late February

The latest addition to Lincoln Square new construction is going up at 2104 W Sunnyside on a 35' wide by 100' long lot. The original home that was just torn down did not have parking (the lot is "landlocked" with no driveway or alley access).  However, it's a good bet the property developer received permission for a "curb cut" to add a side drive for parking and a garage.

The new construction on this interesting landlocked lot is a bit unique. This stretch of Sunnyside leading up to the heart of Lincoln Square activities has not been over-wrought with new construction.  A majority of original homes exist from Damen Avenue to Lincoln Avenue. New construction homes have been very popular in this small area of Lincoln Square near the retail strip, Welles Park and Sulzer Library over the last couple years.

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