Tuesday, July 10, 2012

West Andersonville modern house taking old fashioned sweet time

I swung by this modernist transformation at 5354 N Paulina today in the western Andersoville neighborhood of greater Edgewater.  The neat-o renovation  has had its share of attention over the years but is yet to be completed.  Here's photos and info from Curbed Chicago in August 2011

5354 Paulina Street set far back on the over-sized corner lot.

Here's a photo I took almost two years ago in August 2010

And the house today...

The house was purchased from 30 year owners at the end of 2008 for about $649,000. The interior finish is still a roughed in stage with dry-wall from what I can tell. I hope the owners are in good shape and someone gets to enjoy this house sooner than later.

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