Monday, November 10, 2014

La Colombe Coffee Roasters coming to Andersonville soon

La Colombe comes to a vintage corner building at 5158 North Clark.   Photos Bob DePalma, Broker, Kale Realty
The attractive and classy La Colombe Coffee Roaster cafe is closer to opening in the Andersonville neighborhood just south of Foster.  Bob snapped this picture with the cafe name up in the windows over the weekend.  The Wicker Park La Colombe, to me, definitely has a different almost exclusive feel than the many surrounding cafes.  I'd compare the atmosphere to a heady craft beer establishment rather than your common pub.

The large corner space shares a great block with venerable Hopleaf and Konak Bar and Grill next door. La Colombe is a nice addition to the southern end of the Andersonville that serves new (and newer) residential developments on North Clark between West Lawrence and West Foster.  The cafe will also serve the many residential buildings and houses just west of North Ashland Avenue that make up a nice area of Uptown/ Ravenswood.  Those residents will have a shorter walk to a quality cafe.

Click here to check out condo sales numbers on this strip of North Clark Street in Andersonville.

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