Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You get any deals at the Lincoln Square Sears closing sale?

The banners leave no doubt "everything must go".
The Lincoln Square Sears at 1900 West Lawrence is having a liquidation sale.  All the buzz was enough to get me through the door and buy a larger grill than my current 15 year old two burner Webber.  Deals aren't great and there is a strict "no return or exchange" policy.  10% of tools, 20% off grills.  I did see a nice side by side counter depth refrigerator for just over $1,500 bucks.

Clothes are probably the best deal but big crowds were sifting through everything as of yesterday. 

Goodbye Sears, hello new grill.

My lonely last walk into the store.

Sears has has quickly forgotten about its Lincoln Square store

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