Saturday, April 22, 2017

Edgewater town house sales

We'll have a listing coming on in this town house development at 5320 N Kenmore in Edgewater (all photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty).
We're town house crazy this week with two new listings hitting the market.  Next week we will photograph and film an Edgewater town house on North Kenmore near the lake (pictured above).  Let's take a look at Edgewater town house sales this year.

Edgewater town home sales January 1st to April 21st, 2017
Only four town homes have sold thus far in 2017.  They are a rare breed near the lake. The median price for this small sample size is about $355,000.  The higher priced town homes only have two bedrooms (plus family room). The development on North Kenmore we'll be representing is very close to the lakefront and Foster Beach.

Epworth United Methodist Church among the many large apartment buildings, condos, town homes and high-rises of eastern Edgewater.
Six town homes sold over the same period of time in 2016 with a median price of $388,000.  A couple larger, higher-end town houses sold bringing up the median.  In 2015 only three town homes sold with a median price over $500,000.  Indeed, town homes down in Edgewater are a rare find in spring months!

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