Saturday, June 03, 2017

Demolished "workers cottage" in Gold Coast sold for $1.5 million, still empty lot

1241 N State Parkway in Gold Coast is to be redeveloped as a new construction three story home. (All photos Eric Rojas, Bob DePalma - Kale Realty)
Photo of 1241 N State Parkway from the Cook County Assessor office. The exterior of the  home had since been painted but was not in good living condition. What a great house though!

We passed the site of 1241 N State Parkway today. The "140 year old" worker's cottage property was purchased for $1.5 million last year and torn down with some controversy. Some folks would have liked this home (and similar structures) preserved and I tend to agree in this case. One preservation group would like to landmark the greater Gold Coast.

1241 N State Parkway from the alley.
Construction has not started yet.  It is possible the developer will look for a design and build client or still working on the details for a speculation build.

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