Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Unique "Gallery" development under way on West Wrightwood, Lincoln Park

659 W Wrightwood, Chicago IL 60614 is a residential building being converted to a gallery.  The construction permits were granted starting back in 2014. Permits estimating over $30 million in work have been recorded. All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty
The building addition can be seen from the side (looking southeast in this photo over the stunning custom single family home next door)
I stopped and took a look at a development long in the making on a beautiful Lincoln Park block near the Arlington-Deming District.  659 West Wrightwood is being converted from a residential building to a "cultural gallery/ museum" space (to paraphrase).  There is little (public) info I can find on what the subject of the "gallery/museum/ cultural space" of this building will be.  That is a bit surprising for a unique development in a highly desirable area.

In any case it is a bold undertaking on this mostly residential block with permits totaling over $30 million in estimated work according to public filings. I reached out to the 43rd Ward office late this afternoon and asked about the progress.  We'll see what I hear.

The facade has maintained its limestone and detail. Rare in this part of town and for such an expensive renovation!


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Steven Vance said...

There are two owners listed on the permits: Newsweb Corporation and Wrightwood Gallery. Newsweb is a local newspaper company, and Wrightwood Gallery has no listing in the state's company database.