Thursday, November 16, 2017

Chicago Tree Project in Lincoln Park

Sculptures in the Chicago Tree Project located in Lincoln Park open field north of North Avenue (just before the snow!)
We've had a bit of a "bummer fall" season with the early first snow on November 10th (a birthday present to me!).  It feels like the heavy leaves just dropped early with little time to view the changing colors.

One of our favorite things about Lincoln Park is all the opportunity to stop and look at interesting things; architecture, new business and public art.  The Chicago Tree Project helps pick up the slack for the early bare trees, dying trees and those decimated by Emerald Ash Bore beetle. Supported in part by the Chicago Sculpture International these damaged trees remain in the landscape as sculpture.

We are continually impressed by the partnerships forged by the Chicago Park District in so many areas of sports, art and recreation.

Here is a great run down of many public art sites

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