Monday, November 19, 2018

Car2Go vehicles parked all over Lincoln Square

Car2Go "smart cars" and Mercedes have popped up all over my neighborhood in Lincoln Square 
I had some fun on my personal Facebook page and Twitter account last week after I noticed Car2Go carsharing vehicles suddenly appeared EVERYWHERE in my neighborhood around Winnemac Park.  Several cars were parked on various blocks of Winona, Oakley, Leavitt, Carmen and Western.  A few of the cars were parked in street cleaning zones during prohibited hours.

A Chicago Streets and Sanitation van idles behind a Car2Go vehicle an hour before the no parking hours kick in.
At one point a Streets and Sanitation van seemed to be stalking these strange and ubiquitous cars one hour before the temporary no parking zones took affect. Oh the suspense! Eventually a Car2Go employee moved some cars.  However my neighbors on the case reported one car did get a ticket (I also saw one of the cars with a parking ticket). I did ask Car2Go in a tweet reply if there was a reason for the recent car drop in Lincoln Square. Nothing back yet.  Have you used the Car2Go carsharing company? Are you okay with extra cars parked on the streets for this business model?

Doh! Neighbors love when a car is not moved on street cleaning day! Typically you can knock on a door and remind a neighbor.  However, how annoying is calling/ messaging a car share company to move their cars?

Skip the smart car and pick up a Mercedes near Winnemac Park.

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