Friday, December 07, 2018

Infamous Boomer's property in Lincoln Square nears redevelopment

The entire Boomer's property is up for redevelopment. I'm all for more density and residential at this site. However there has been little (open) opportunity for public scrutiny.  All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty
The elephant on North Lincoln Ave in Lincoln Square may finally leave the room.  The Boomers restaurant site located at 5015-5039 N Lincoln Avenue is up for redevelopment.  The site also includes the Pizza Hut take-out storefront and the long time MRI Center which my photos conveniently leave out... oy.

Inexplicably, there has been very little fanfare surrounding the potential development for this long vacant albatross.  Back on JUNE 5th, 40th ward Alderman's office posted an article on their site describing the private proposal process leading up to the final project. The Alderman asks for public comment BY JUNE 6th LOL.  The commercial lot would require subdivision and a zoning change.  No little thing and usually the stuff of public meetings.

Typically a zoning change for a relatively large development and dramatic change in height of an existing structure receives a public meeting. But whatevs!

Back in in 2015, local journalist Patty Wetli reported on the woes of the 13 year vacant Boomer's. The struggling owner explained at the time selling the property was not an option despite neighbor's angst at the eyesore. She sited sentiment more than viability. However, market conditions are so good now I imagine even the owner's convictions have been swayed by an offer they could not refuse.

Anyway, look for 28 condos at the site and no retail at the site.

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