Tuesday, February 12, 2019

City Coffee opens steps from Winnemac Park and Amundsen High School, Lincoln Square

AJ Lutz and City Coffee staff on a Tuesday morning. Located at 5139 N Damen Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60625 All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty
City Coffee is open at the corner of Foster and Damen in Lincoln Square / Ravenswood. I had the chance to stop by for coffee and pastry and work for a couple hours this morning.  Owner AJ Lutz has created a comfy sophisticated neighborhood spot at the busy corner. Great music, pastry and Caffe Umbria coffee.  I mentioned he has chosen a terrific, simple name too... how has City Coffee not been taken? LOL

We use to go to the old cafe circa 2007-2009ish. The storefront shop had been vacant for years.  The new space is really nice!
Unique to the local shop is the tech! Download the City Coffee app to order ahead and benefit from a rewards program! The Wi-Fi game is strong too.

Simple modern decor and large meeting table.
Little library... "take a book, leave a book"!
Large picture windows let the light in even on this cloudy, slushy morning.
We love our new businesses near Winnemac Park in Chicago! Grab your coffee and head to the park.  City Coffee is a great place for bus and CTA Damen Brown Line commuters from Bowmanville to make a daily stop. Amundsen High School students, parents and employees finally another great spot to meet! Check out the hours and goings on at City Coffee web site, Facebook and Instagram. Support this growing strip also featuring Sweet Virginia's Kitchen, Bang Bang Pie and veteran Over Easy.

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