Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Belgravia's slick River North new construction nears completion, sell out

403 N Wabash nears completion. The location is a bit quirky... sort of a bridge between two neighborhoods. All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty
We finally took a couple photos of the Belgravia new construction at 403 N Wabash. The sharp looking building is almost absorbed by the large 405 N Wabash (River Plaza) and that other building.  Here's some background from Curbed in 2017.
It is hard to make out the diminutive, boxy 403 N Wabash "Renelle on the River" among the existing high-rises from certain angles.  We'll swing by for photos in nicer weather when it's complete.

Belgravia will be delivering 50 new units at 403 North Wabash Avenue "Renelle on the River" this summer. 39 of the 50 units are currently PEND closing on MLS with 4 units presently listed.
The 4 units now being actively marketed range from $1,355,900 for a 1827 sq. ft. 3B/3Ba unit to $2,282,900 for a 2517 sq. ft. 3B/3.1Ba unit...parking not included.

We've been mostly pleased with Belgravia's projects and quality of construction.  We're always happy to show clients their new projects and re-sale condos and town homes

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