Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sunshine Playscape open in Lincoln Park, North Pond conservation efforts

Sunshine Playscape has been open for over a month now. I had a chance to take my youngest kids a couple times. It's a great looking playground located among the paths winding around the North Pond Nature Sanctuary.  I did not great photos of the playscape features. However I can say it is tilted to younger children. My four year old loves it. My 7-10 year old kids had some fun but got a little bored after awhile.

One of my favorite views in the city.
The continual effort to improve and conserve the area around the North Pond helps the real estate values along the lakefront in Lincoln Park. I do hope and imagine the owners of luxury units at 2550 N Lakeview take a particular interest in their front yard. The median price of a condo sale at 2550 N Lakeview over the past couple years is $1.9M. 

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