Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Conspicuous vacancies in Lincoln Park

The former Gamekeepers to the left closed in April of 2019 and Stanley's to the right closed in March 2018... both remain vacant.
I had some condo showings along North Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park earlier this month. What sticks most from the day is the continued vacancies of former long time occupied retail spaces.  Gamekeepers and Stanley's leave the tony corner of Lincoln, Sedgwick and Armitage a ghost town. Lincoln Avenue is much quieter these days from the lake all the way to North Halsted!

The John Barleycorn space at 658 W Belden has been vacant for six years.  The building was bought in 2014 for about $4 million dollars. Children's Memorial had been closed and moved to Streeterville affecting many nearby business. The new residential development is about complete and will help make business nearby viable again.
The completion of the large Lincoln Common development on the former Children's site should set the table for more retail business opening in the vacant spaces. 

The Mrs. Green's build out at the Webster Square development opened in 2013 and closed in 2015.  The 20,000 square foot commercial space remains vacant.

The median price of a sold condo along Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park over the past 12 months is about $305,000. The highest priced condo sale along Lincoln Avenue over the last 12 months was $1,800,000. 

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