Wednesday, March 25, 2020

South Loop townhouse sales: Up and down unit sales and median price

We viewed three bedrooms townhouses this morning in peaceful, well located Dearborn Park II development of the South Loop. This particular section is across from South Loop Elementary and conjoining park.
We're all dealing with the reality of the coronavirus outbreak. However some folks have the added complication of needing to move. They may have leases coming up, home sales under contract or moving to Chicago for a new job. Most of our business is on hold while folks wait this out. We currently have some essential business to take care of while taking appropriate precautions. Additionally I'll keep posting observations to my blog and Facebook site as much as possible (when I'm not homeschooling my kids). 
Stately town homes line Jones Park in South Loop. I think most people would be surprised by the tranquil life offered in the middle of South Loop.

We have clients looking to upgrade space from their South Loop two bedroom condo. They want to keep their small family in the immediate area. The convenience to work, shopping, the lakefront and cultural events are too great a draw to jump ship! It's a good time to take a look at South Loop townhouse sales numbers in the ever evolving lakefront neighborhood.
Greater South Loop neighborhood sales area we generally monitor.  All stats based on this footprint.

South Loop Townhouse Sales
In the first three months of 2020 (January 1st to March 20th) eleven townhouses closed in South Loop. The median price is about $600,000. 320 East 18th Street was the highest priced closing at $860,000. Over the same period of 2019 thirteen townhouses closed with a median price of about $500,000.  The highest priced closing reached $1.7M with another closing at $1.5M.

There have been interesting swings in units sales and median price over the last four years. If the $600,000 holds up this year we'll see another swing back up. What's interesting there were no new town homes built over the last four years that might have explained the over $100K median price spike in 2018. Unit sales jumped to ninety-one townhouses sold in 2017 over just fifty-nine sold in 2016.

2019: Sixty-one total townhouses closed with median price of  about $530,000.
2018: Eighty-three townhouses sold with a median price of a whopping $770,000!
2017: Ninety-one townhouses closed with a median price of about $635,000.
2016: Fifty-nine townhouses closed with a median price of about $565,000

One of my favorite South Loop sight-lines... driving northbound down South Indiana Avenue!

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