Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Recent Kenwood Chicago home sales


A home on South Greenwood in Kenwood (all photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty)

I took my kids for a walk around Kenwood yesterday with a stop at #44's home for a photo. It dawned on me I've taken my two older kids around a couple times but the eight and five year olds had not been to the neighborhood. My eight year old Stanley likes "mansions" so it was high time he saw THESE mansions. They had fun. 

No one was home... THANKS OBAMA

One of the few contemporary mansions in Kenwood

I use to do much more business in Kenwood/ Hyde Park in the earlier 2000s. This was a product of working with more relocation clients and the sort of heated development market of 2005-2008. That said these days I still frequent the neighborhoods after trips to 31st Street Beach, kids' sports, visiting friends or on bicycle trips down the lakefront. After looking around today I wondered how Kenwood fared in this unique roller coaster of a real estate year.

Kenwood Single Family Home Sales

Kenwood is less dense than many Chicago neighborhoods that reside close to the lakefront. Due to the extremely large parcels in the historic district (relative to the rest of the city) there are fewer single family homes. The price point varies greatly from the historic district homes south of 47th Street and the majority greystones packed a little tighter north of 47th Street.

28 Kenwood single family homes closed from January 1st to December 18th of this year. This is the lowest number of homes sold since 2014. However the median price of a sold home this year is $595,000. That's the highest median price since 2015 ($670,000).

Plenty of space for lawn darts.

The highest priced sold home is 4943 South Woodlawn, Chicago IL 60615 for $2,425,000.  In the past five years the highest priced sold home topped out at $2.75M. The lowest priced single family home sold is 4415 South Berkeley, Chicago IL 60653 for $195,000. The vintage row house style property last sold in 2018 for $135,000 (no improvements look to have been made).  Interestingly five homes sold on the 4400 Block of South Berkley block making it 18% of total Kenwood single family home sales so far this year. 

-2019, 40 single family homes closed over the same period with a median price of about $539,000. 

-2018, 46 homes sold with a median price of $565,000.

-2017, 32 homes sold with a median price of $479,000.

-2016, 32 homes sold with a median price of $580,000

-2015, 30 homes sold with a median price of $670,000

-2014, 28 homes sold with a median price of $426,500

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