Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Steady Ravenswood Manor single family home sales


Mural at the West Wilson Street bridge heading west into Ravenswood Manor. All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty

The provincial enclave of Ravenswood Manor has long been a sort of "Pleasantville" in the city. A mixture of original grand custom homes along with modest but attractive bungalows tucked along the Chicago River and serviced by the CTA Francisco Brown Line. The neighborhood is relatively expensive but very desirable to many of our clients. The majority of vintage homes have hung on despite market pressures. However custom new builds dot the landscape (some too modern for self appointed gatekeepers).  Let's take a look at Ravenswood Manor single family home sales.

Ravenswood Manor neighborhood of Albany Park, Chicago. 

Ravenswood Manor Single Family Home Sales

Eighteen single family homes sold in 2020 with a median price of $650,000.  The highest priced home sold was 2929 West Leland, Chicago IL 60625 for $1,240,000.  The lowest priced home sold was 2752 West Windsor, Chicago IL 60625 for $400,000.  Homes sales were steady compared to 2019 where 19 homes sold for a median price of $675,000. Low single family home inventory will continue to be a problem and buyers will jump on available homes in the neighborhood this year.

2019 - 19 homes sold, $675,000 median price
2018 - 18 homes sold, $741,000 median price
2017 - 13 homes sold $795,000 median price
2016 - 20 homes sold $595,000 median price
2015 - 18 homes sold $590,000 median price

Five out of the last six years saw 18-20 homes sold.  Really consistent! The one outlier was 2017 with thirteen home sold but the highest median price in the six year period at $795,000.

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