Sunday, February 20, 2022

Uptown condo sales (minimum three bedrooms or more)

We looked at a "duplex down" condo on nice block of the Buena Park neighborhood in Uptown. Budget, transportation and proximity to the lake are factors that make Uptown appealing. All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty 

Our clients are looking to buy a large condo (attached condo unit and townhouses) with minimum three bedrooms or more. They currently live in a small two bedrooms, one bath condo in East Lakeview.  Looking in Uptown is a good option for their budget and their desire to stay near the lake.

Uptown three bedrooms condo sales

-268 three bedrooms or more attached units (condo/ townhouses) sold in Uptown.  The median sales price for this type of condo was $450,000.  
-2021 unit sales are up 22% and median price are up 7% over 2020.  In 2020, 219 condo homes with minimum of three bedrooms sold with a median price about $419,000.
-Going back about five years to 2017 we see that 200 condos with a minimum three bedrooms sold in Uptown with a median price of $388,000.

-Currently in 2022 (Jan 1st-Feb 20th) twenty-three condo homes with three bedrooms or more have closed with a median price of about $400,000. 

About nineteen condo homes with minimum three bedrooms are currently listed for sale in Uptown with a median asking price of $439,000.  


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