Monday, September 11, 2023

Chicago home sales plodding along through 2023

 So... what's happening?? Chicago sellers are still in a pretty good spot!

-During the recent housing boom of 2019-2022 the City of Chicago saw all City median price raise +24% (reported by Crain's Chicago Business). Soooo if you bought a $400,000 home in 2019 it may sell today for $500,000.

-Low inventory and 7% interest rates (to slow inflation) slowed unit sales in 2023
-2023 Year to date Closed Sales for ALL Properties in the City of Chicago is down almost -19%
-2023 Attached Unit median price (condo, townhouse) is even with last year
-2023 Detached Single Family Home median price is down -7.7% over the same period of 2022

In our personal experience we see many of Chicago's most active markets are seller's markets. Late summer median prices were up month over month with plenty of "multiple-offer" situations in neighborhoods like Lake View, Lincoln Park, North Center and Lincoln Square.
Interest rates may come down a little in the coming months but I feel low inventory + pent-up demand will keep asking and sales prices steady. Chicago (and much of the country) doesn't have a very good solution to the inventory problem as homeowners hang on to their 2% and 3% mortgage rates while affordable unit development does not keep up.

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