Thursday, July 27, 2006

Albany Park Chamber of Commerce

I'll be attending an after work event for the Albany Park Chamber of Commerce this evening at Merles Coffee Shop located at the Brown Line Francisco stop.

It's important to participate in Chamber events due to their direct impact on the quality of life and property values of each neighborhood. For instance, Crain's mentioned that Albany Park did not explode due to lack of retail in a recent story about neigborhoods that "have not hit like advertised". But, there is quite a bit of retail in and around Albany Park that provides the essentials. However, hip and trendy places, stores, bars and restaurants that attract new residents from outside are few.

So, the Chamber addresses these and other concerns. As a member of the business community, and a person who has invested in and sold condos to clients in Albany Park, I am as concerned as anyone. I'll be asking questions of some of the longer standing business community members. And I hope to ad some insight, energy and participate in solutions to pressing matters.

Number one on my list is really cleaning up the neighborhood. I feel for too long, trash in the neighborhood has been a larger issue than in many "hot" areas. I refuse to accept that we should have a greater trash problem for any reason. Lawerence and Kedzie need a sweep and business owners should take responsibility for the front of their stores and their parking areas.

Albany Park is situated on the Brown Line, has awesome parks and is near terrific public and private universities. It is adjacent to Ravenswood Manor and Lincoln Square is close. It should be a winner and look like a winner. Events like tonight help with this progress.

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