Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Pushy Listing Agent

Most consider the pushy Realtor to be the someone who wants you to buy everything... now! This can be your buyer's agent or the selling agent at a home sale center. I can be pushy... when a real deal comes on the market, the stars line up, the other agent is not a jerk... etc, etc... I will push a little on that place because I know it will sell quickly. Often it does. You'll know this moment of pushiness from me. I will tell you it's coming.

However, your LISTING agent is rarely considered pushy. That is because we walk a very sensitive line between upsetting the seller and losing a listing that we know we can sell. We compromise on price... but then push to make the client top dollar. The truth hurts, and the best Realtors dish it out on a regular basis. For this favor, the truth, many Realtors lose a listing and must live to sell another day.

I, on this day, resolve to be the pushy listing agent, dishing out the truth about market prices in a single bound. Sheilding myself from the backlash of clients and firing back with a laser beam of facts, market data, gut feeling and experience. It's the only way to go.

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