Thursday, February 15, 2007

The CTA and Chicago Cubs have conspired against me

The Chicago Transit Authority has announced it will “flood” (Tribune’s words) the North Side with buses to accommodate the reduction in commuter train capacity. The CTA will have to dramatically scale back capacity by a third as a part of the ongoing rail renovation, expansion and accessibility plan.

Great. I’ve discussed by sensory disgust with buses in the past… so the prospect of more of them on the roads during rush hour times is a kick in the you know what.

Can you imagine two, three, four buses stopping to pick up passengers on the same corner… one after another? Yes, that was a shiver down your spine.

Read this story and others discussing the decrease in train capacity at the Chicago Tribune. If you have not already done so, please register at their site to receive the content. Good real estate and commuter coverage.

Call or email me now to go look at homes near the Metra stops around Chicago… or for a good bicycle shop.

In totally unrelated news, Kerry Wood injured himself getting out of a hot tub in spring training. I can’t take this.

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