Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Early in the home search?

When is it time to actually look at a home? Not this Internet stuff (although a great start)... but actually go into a home. I encourage many I come across to get out there... now.

No matter your situation, if you are curious about owning a certain type of property, it pays to look at the real deal. Walk into condos, single family homes and two flats in different neighborhoods such as Old Irving, Sauganash, Avondale and North Park. I also suggest having me create the schedule and attend the targeted appointments. You may not get a realistic picture by just popping into available open houses from time to time. It also helps build trust in our working relationship if we start early on, and not last minute.

This is probably most beneficial for single family homes and multi-units. If you have not owned these types of properties or do not know the areas available in your price-point, physically looking them early on will help you plan and warm up to the idea. Many of my clients did not realize they could get the house they really wanted if they bought well below their budget and fixed it up before moving in. They needed to get out and figure out what this would cost and where it was worth making this type of purchase.

If you own a condo and will need to move up to a bigger space, it will benefit you to take a look- a real look- at your options.

Photo from http://tigger.uic.edu/

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