Monday, April 30, 2007

Houses fly in Abraham Lincoln Elementary School district

I've had several clients turning there attention to the Lincoln Elementary Public School District as of late. Looks like the parents want to get settled in their new home this summer before the fall semester. In this traditional cycle of family movement, you have to act fast. Few single family homes (including row homes) hit the market in this district for under $1.25 million... and when they do you must be ready to act with confidence.

In fact, for 1.2 and under, there are pretty much two choices...a row house that may or may not have owned parking and town homes. That's it. The advantage to the rowhouse is the fee simple ownership without assessments. Most town homes will hit you with a $400 to $800 assessment, but do give you more flexibility of location, styles and size.

Recently, several row homes have been snatched up quickly this spring... one at Clark and Dickens, another a smidge north on Lincoln Park West, a goner on Fullerton at Orchard... I think another on Orchard sold in 10 days near Saint Clement School

Facts are facts... a move in row house and single family home will not last in this district. You need to know when they hit and move on it if planning on sending your kids to Lincoln Elementary Public School.

Check this site for school district maps... and call the school to double check that you will live in the district!

Photo from Chicago Landmarks

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