Saturday, April 14, 2007

REALscheduling: Viewing properties 24/7

When and how do you like to view properties? Most of you do something like this: You think about owning a home and have a few neighborhoods in mind. You hit the PC or MAC (usually at work!) during the day and the wee hours of the night and view property listings ‘til our eyes fall out. You may slip into an open house from time to time on your weekends. But what happens when you really want to find a home and you want to make the best decision?

You contact me.

This is a very common scenario for many people as has been proven by the top consumer surveys dealing with buying real estate. However, I like to see property with clients as soon as possible. The fact remains that as good as virtual tours are, and I do love them, nothing beats scheduling private showings and viewing several of the best options on the market. Live and up- front.

If your agent is good, and I am, you will see the best options in the most neighborhoods in the shortest amount of time by working with a Realtor. During these private showing schedules, you will also pick up the knowledge you need to make a great home purchase for you and your family.

For example, while checking out a Lakeview three bedroom, two bath with a roof top deck and parking east of Halsted, why not learn a little about living in a condo building? What’s the difference between buying a new construction home versus a re-sale? How does earnest money work? What’s a good offer? These conversations and more happen when viewing property, scoping out neighborhoods, ducking into coffee shops (or for a glass of wine).

My take is, if you are interested in owning, get out with me and check out some places. I’m available for scheduling at anytime during the week and weekends with notice…sometimes same day. Scheduling showings can be a logistic challenge with your limited time. I’ll maximize those opportunities by helping you view, and learn about properties. 24/7.

By the way… with a three week old at home, I am up 24/7 viewing properties and scheduling my clients… literally.

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