Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crib Chatter for Indulging in Local Chicago Real Estate

Here is the first step in making a better effort of pointing out some fun or useful sites.

I just added Crib Chatter to my side bar under Local Blogs. The writer, Sabrina keeps it consistent and straight forward. She draws information from the MLS and other Internet sources. It's usually good information and I like the questions she ads to posts.... inviting suckers like me to comment!

Great blog name too.

Beware of the anonymous commentators though... commentators information is usually bad unless you know the source. That said, some inside neighborhood people provide documented information and have good reputations on the web... pick and choose and be wary.


Joe Zekas said...

By way of being wary, Eric, I'd also note that the site's author is also anonymous - very, very anonymous - and claims not to be a real estate agent but somehow has MLS access.

Eric Rojas said...


I made mention of the fact on "her" blog that I hoped "she" was asking permission for use of the property photos.

If you are a licensed agent, you definitely can't use them to try a sell a property without permission from the listing agent. In this case, the photos are just lifted from some site.

I don't know all the rules or law involved in this, but I'm sure some folks would not like this person making money with google ads on the backs of their personally owned professional photographs.

Do you think the information is coming from the MLS only or maybe some other search engine?

Your site uses brokerage photos often... what is the protocol and law beyond being polite and asking permission?