Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Local Featured in Realtors on a Bike Story, Chicago Tribune and Associated Press

I was interviewed earlier last week by Whitney Malkin of the Associated Press concerning Realtors working on their bicycles. The story appeared in the Chicago Tribune's Chicago Homes section and MSNBC.com business section... among other publications and web sites.

Of course, the quotes are a little out of context... but the basic point for me riding my bike is it's an alternative for certain personalities. It is also a fun and efficient way to get to showing appointments. The writer missed a main reason of my quote; My clients "don't care that I ride my bike", because my marketing is very good and I do last minute showings for them when Realtors and buyers call with little notice.

They "don't care" how I do it, just as long as I sell their place!

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