Monday, October 20, 2008

Julius Meinl in North Center: Good Ol' Austrian Comfort Food

We finally made it to the Julius Meinl in North Center a couple weekends ago. I wrote about its construction awhile back... and it's been open now for several months.

Friends and I have frequented the Southport and Addison location since a college professor of mine introduced us to the coffee house. After an economics class trip to Europe Ellen, Chuck, Herr Professor Stuart and myself enjoy meeting back at Meinl from time to time. It's also a place I like to take my clients when looking for homes in Lakeview.

Meinl now anchors the corner of West Montrose and North Lincoln that has also hosts Bowman's and is across the street from Welles Park. The corner went through several restaurants over the past few years, but these two establishments have been very successful.

This is a terrific setting for European coffee service, pastries, light sandwiches and soup. They also have a breakfast menu and dinner dishes.

The furniture and decor is imported from Austria. I like the design of the cafes. One site you will see is couples sitting on the same side of the table, watching the action. Very European cafe lifestyle. But, it can't escape all American traps.. like speedy service as a MUST for a good restaurant. I know they can't risk a more European laissez-faire service as most patrons would complain.

North Center, and it's adjacent neighborhood Lincoln Square, continues to deliver on restaurants and leisure. Walking Lincoln Avenue, strolling in Welles Park and sitting for frittaten and Croque Monsieur; it's a tough life.

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