Monday, October 13, 2008

Lito's Empanadas for Lunch on North Clark Street

The best thing about North Clark Street in Lincoln Park is lunch. I work around the corner at 2663 N Halsted... so a walk up West Wrightwood is no problem. North Clark Street has a great variety of sit down and take-away lunch options.

Lito's Empanadas at 2566 N Clark Street, Chicago has been around since December 2007. It's a small store front operation that does pretty much one thing... you can guess. But for $5 bucks, you can mix and match a couple empanadas and get a Diet Coke. Good lunch, especially if your eating at the desk.

I think they will have a long future. I'm all for joints that do one thing right. Maybe they'll develop a cult following like a certain soup seller on Seinfeld. Get in line and shut your trap.

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