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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New construction three bedroom, three bath in East Lakeview $399,000?

Top photo from has a post about this new construction development at 630 W Barry. Anyone in and around East Lakeview a bunch had seen the remaining facade of the tear down building waiting patiently for sides and a back.

Here's a photo I took at the beginning of the year (I think) with the new construction portion added.

The photo looks better than it actually is (so true for many of us). One redeeming factor... a three bed, three bath unit listed at $399,000 (parking $18K extra). It's a garden unit but if the construction is done well... not a bad deal for a great location.

Anybody else seen the construction?


Unknown said...

My wife and I went to the open house over the weekend and the unit that is complete is on the 2nd floor and it was very nice. The only setback is the living space or lack thereof. It states that it is a 3 bed unit but one of the bedrooms was converted to a living room due to a lack of living space. The majority of the building is still in the primitive stages of construction and the garden unit is non-existent at this point.

Eric Rojas said...

Thanks Patrick. The original pricing... even at the beginning of this year was nuts.

I used the garden for a comparable for another client who has a three bed, three bath garden they may sell. I think 630 Barry was asking $550K for the garden... yikes.