Friday, October 02, 2009

Does Lake Point Tower still got "it"?

I think so. With the 40th anniversary event coming up for this Chicago icon, it made it only more exciting to work with clients looking into Lake Point Tower for a purchase.

I mean, look at it!

I found a fun blog about its 40th Anniversary and the building in general HERE

Recently, several one bedroom units with about 1100 square feet and killer views have come on well under $400,000. When looking at recent one bedroom sales in full amenity, luxury buildings nearby, it's hard to compete with a home at this address from $350,000-$450,000. Why not go all the way to the point? I love the floor-plans of the one bedrooms and the building amenities such as the fitness club have been updated. All amenities, pool, fitness club, private park... are included in the assessments.

The building is vibrant with older and newer "who's who" residents creating an atmosphere that exudes fully the city life. Average Joes like me and you are welcome too.

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Gary Wilson said...

We've definitely still got it. Thanks for the great notice. As you say, look at it. What's not to like?
Views, design, more than competitive prices. We've got Joes and Janes of all kinds. A great community. Come on down for a closer look.

Our 40th celebration is today. Lots going on. If you're interested, catch the symposium Oct. 28 at the Architecture Foundation, 12:15-1:15 pm. Free and open to the public.