Friday, October 23, 2009

No storage in your condo? No problem.

My wife and I almost made the mistake of passing on our current duplex condo because it did not have exterior storage on site. We loved everything else, but with kids on the way we were sure a storage room would be necessary.

Instead, we came to our senses- bought the place- and rented a 10x10 storage unit two blocks away for seasonal items, tools, kids clothes and toys etc... We also routinely purge any "stuff" collected. If we really can't part with it but we don't need it this minute (or week), it goes to storage.

Not too long ago, we made the mistake of sacrificing location to get a condo with "everything" on our needs list. We learned from our mistake that your condo need not solve all your issues. You can outsource things like storage and parking. You can get rid of stuff. But you can't outsource your location... which is the ultimate want and need in city living.

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