Monday, November 16, 2009

Chicago home sellers should understand buyer's tax credit

Home sellers should take advantage of the first time buyer's tax credit extension.

My number one goal this November and December is to reach out and touch every past client and future client and make them aware of one thing (at least): If you're going to sell your home next year, try to be on the market January 2nd, 2010. Or now!

I was just at a wedding where some guests told me they took their under $300K condo unit off the market in September this year after only 3 months on the market...September! We just had one of the most active third quarters in real estate since forever helped by the original first time buyer credit deadline of November 30th... and they were getting a ton of showings. Despite some understandable reasons, they blew the best time to be on the the deadline when people could come back to make a decision.

Don't let this happen to you. If you do not get your place ready and on the market as soon as possible, the new April 30th deadline will come and go before your Holiday Hangover subsides. I'll have more details in upcoming posts, but email/call with questions on how to get your place going. Take a shot!

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