Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ravenswood development update: Sears parking lot re-development round two

New lot same as the old lot? As of now, that is.

There has been a small spike in news and interest surrounding the proposed Sears lot development in my beloved Ravenswood, Chicago. We may be nearing a new community meeting with updated developer plans. Last I checked with the Alderman's office this month, there was no date for a meeting but I'm hearing rumors we are getting close.

I was quoted in an article by as seeing the proposed 11 story building as "weird". I may have said "weird" among other things, but mostly I am supportive of a 5-7 story building and interested in how they will fill it. Market rate sales? Rental? I believe we can support a larger, new construction building in Ravenswood in the coming years if the price is right to consumers (rental or sale). However, we know of a couple empty lots sitting where new construction 12-14 unit condo buildings were to be built at the 4900 block of North Damen and the lot at West Wilson and North Ravenswood shown below.

But a transit oriented development at the Metra station with retail and parking garage is a different bird all together. I do not think inventory is greatly available or readily affordable near the transit in Ravenswood... so, shiny new rental units with built-in retail (i.e. a full service grocery store) in a desirable central location on Metra makes sense.

If they were to build a 6-11 story building for condo retail sale, pricing couold be slightly higher than the Catalpa Gardens development in Edgewater . They recently slashed prices and sold a great number of units in a short period of time. The Sears lot development location is more desirable in my opinion, but the gurus in charge of projecting pricing should be wary of recent mid-rise and high-rise price reductions and auctions that have helped set market pricing around town.

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