Saturday, February 13, 2010

Single family home sales in Ravenswood Manor

Rare recent new construction goes prairie style in Ravenswood Manor...fits right in!

Here's a few representative single family home shots along West Wilson Avenue in Ravenswood Manor after an early winter dusting. I would love to be out in the neighborhood today taking photos with the sun illuminating and the terrific contrast of the tile roofs and white snow.

About 8 single family homes have sold over the last 6 months in the Ravenswood Manor borders... with a low of $392,000 for a two bedroom home (not bad shape!) up to $1,375,000 for a new construction, fully "green" home at 2924 W Wilson. There is a dilapidated brick bungalow on the river under contract now for $325K... remains to be seen what the final sale will be on that, but it's a big project to bring up to neighborhood standards. A wonderful historical estate (where Charlie Chaplain once lived according to the Internet) is the only home to close so far in 2010 for $1,340,00.

Gingerbread House!

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