Friday, February 12, 2010

Special vibe in Ravenswood Gardens

Notice the "RG" for Ravenswoods Gardens!

It still surprises me how many "Chicagoans" and anonymous Internet pundits have no idea that Ravenswood Gardens and Ravenswood Manor exists... let alone being a very desirable area to live. It waaaaaay far from the "City". Is it even in the City? You have to pass Western (gulp)!? If you like tree-lined streets, rivers, cute local businesses, interesting architecture and great neighbors... oh and transportation, well, check it out.

Just west of the popular Lincoln Square retail and dining district, Ravenswood Gardens runs from North Western Avenue to the Chicago River (2400 West to 2600 West) and West Montrose to West Lawrence (4400 North to 4800 North). Not a huge area, but it's picked up by four square blocks of Ravenswood Manor at the Chicago River going west to Sacramento (2600 West to 3000 West) and again Montrose to Lawrence.

Here's a few shots in Ravenswood Gardens on a sunny Wednesday morning. Recent clients offered on a home on North Rockwell Street.

A river runs through it...

Cute tudoresque homes perfectly framed by the snow.

The real estate here was mostly built prior to World War II... almost no new construction!

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