Sunday, March 28, 2010

Looking at two-flats and single family homes in Avondale

A client and I were looking at single family homes and two flats today. She's new to the city but described her needs and wants... eclectic neighborhood, decent commute downtown for work, etc... the budget also was a constraint.

For this wish list under $400K for a two flat and $325ish for a single family home, I suggested Avondale. She asked around, and her friends in the city concur that it would be a good option.

Houses in good condition near the CTA Belmont Blue Line stop for the low $300s are scarce...if any exist at all. Two flats will probably be the better option as the renter will help subsidize the mortgage a bit. My client could also take on a room mate and have several streams of revenue coming in. However, choices for solid two -flats within four blocks of the CTA stop under $400K are tight as well.


doraphilia said...

Hi Eric! This is my first time commenting, even though I've been subscribed to your blog for almost a year.

I just had to comment to say there is no "kimball" stop on the blue line- I think you're thinking of Belmont.

Great post! My husband and I just purchased a condo in a beautiful brick pre-war building in Logan Square, and we're very close to Avondale. I think it's a really great up-and-coming community, very diverse, safe and family-friendly. There are lots of fun restaurants and other things to do.

Eric Rojas said...

Thanks for the catch, I've made the correction to "Belmont Blue Line". I go to Small Bar with friends and clients in the neighborhood about once a month.
We were some of the first to go to Kuma's too, I think... now, forget it!
Two hours for a burger!