Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Modern single family home design rare under two million in Lincoln Park

Here's a modest, modern newer construction home... but don't expect to find many for sale in Lincoln Park for under $2,000,000.

Each time my partner and I pass this Lincoln Park single family home I mention how I like it. And each time I mention it my partner laments that I mention this every time we pass the house.

So, why do I like it? Well, it's a nice representation of what a modern design, newer construction home can look like when it fits nicely in it's surroundings. It's a pretty subtle home, really.

And it will cost you. Looking at the last six months, maybe two homes out of 153 homes are either listed, under contract or were sold on our MLS that exudes modern design elements (from the exterior, anyway).

What a shame. I've seen a lot of botched attempts at modern "design" on cheaply built split-block homes well under $2,000,000.


j franky said...

I'll take it!

Er, how much was that again?

Eric Rojas said...

I wish it was listed. I'm guessing, $1.5M to $2M if it went on the market depending on finishes. But you have a house already.