Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ravenswood Station, Sears development passes community vote 100-4

All those in favor say "Aye"! Ravenswood residents in the voting area show their cards.

The Magellan lead Ravenswood Station retail development project planned for the intersection of West Lawrence Avenue and North Ravenswood passed a community vote tonight by a count of 100-4. My wife attended the meeting for our household and voted for us... and took the photos! View the project plan from the May 3rd, 2010 meeting earlier this month.

According to Jillian, the meeting seemed much more cordial compared to the past meetings. The development team addressed several features that were brought up in the last meeting such as; more bicycle parking, full green roof, set back issues from Lawrence, stop lights, and number of parking spots, etc... Overall, the community was reported as being satisfied with the project and it was reflected in the vote.

The project now goes to committee in the City Council (pronounced "da city caahn-sill" by Chicagoans)
47th Ward Alderman Gene Schulter was quoted by my wife as saying he would have the 26 votes in the general City Council to get this passed. The time estimate for completion of the project is about 18 months. So, grocery shopping will get a bit easier around here in summer of 2012.

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