Thursday, May 06, 2010

Roundy's Round up! Ravenswood Station, Sears development big business news in Chicago

Too big to fail?

The proposed Ravenswood Station development, along with the Metra station improvement project, were big news around Chicago this week. Starting with my scoop of the community meeting and posts on Monday May 3rd after the latest community meeting of course!
Here's a web round-up of some of the major stories, some with interesting reader comments:

Read past posts at The Chicago Real Estate Local with reader comments

Read the post and reader comments at Uptown Update

Crain's reports

Watch a past video touring Ravenswood and the proposed development site.


Anonymous said...

Eric, do you live in Ravenswood?

Eric Rojas said...

Yes, I live and own in Ravenswood which is nauseatingly obvious on my blog and to some friends and clients (I'm always promoting the neighborhood). I've also stated on the blog that I'm in the resident voting area for this development.