Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chicago Local Green: Solar power at DePaul

I spotted this free standing solar panel powering the music outside the DePaul University Concert Hall at 800 West Belden Avenue in Lincoln Park. Could one of these power my house? How much to install this in my front yard?

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URS report said...

Im giving you very general answers here, but expect a price of about 7 to 9 dollars a watt for a solar power system. Usually you can get about 10 watts for every square foot of panel. The average system is between 2 and 6 kilowatts. so expect a price between about $14,000 and $54,000.

Keep in mind though some companies do financing, so you'll save less money in the long run, but save immediately.

Eric Rojas said...

At $15,000, it would make sense if overhauling a home's old electrical, gut rehabbing or building new. However, any amount over that it starts to get tough for the average homeowner paying up $150 a month in electrical bills to make financial sense of it. However, it's a good bet electrical rates will keep going up, so the choice to be on the grid or solar when starting from scratch starts to become interesting. Not to mention those who can afford to make a statement and innovate.