Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Five Chicago web sites we use for real estate reasearch

Here are 5 "non-membership" real estate sites we use and read on a daily basis for research and local updates... in no particular order:

CPS School Locator
Interactive map tool allows you to search public school attendance boundaries and more. We often set up property searches based on the CPS boundaries.

A "fresh look" at  Chicago real estate, TONS of videos, new construction updates, renting information, guides and some social commentary to boot. We are a client of the site and feature content and real estate videos (because we like what they do!).

Curbed Chicago
Great photos and all around Chicago real estate, architecture, neighborhood and construction news.  An aggregate site with some inside tips and reporting.

Center Square Journal and Brown Line Media
Local North Side Chicago events, politics, city, retail and social news for Northcenter, Lincoln Square, Edgewater and more. 

Amazing aggregate of public data and goings on in your immediate area, neighborhood and block.

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