Monday, September 19, 2011

Lincoln Square July, August single family home sales sizzle...up 117%

Here's a look at Lincoln Square single family home sales for the summer (one  of our specialty markets).

37 single family homes closed in Lincoln Square, Chicago in July and August of 2011.  This is up 20 homes (+117%) over the same period 2010 where 17 single family homes sold. The median closing price over the two active months was $462,500... down from the same period in 2010 at $500,000.

We sold 5137 N Oakley this year for $455,000
The highest priced sold listing was 2131 W Agatite for $1,775,487 (that $487.00 was probably for one doorknob) for a 37 wide lot luxury new construction house.  The lowest sale price was $240,000 at 2548 W Pensacola... a home sold for land value.

The buzz was sales were up in Chicago for July and August.  We had written last year (and early this year) that single family homes and two-three flats sales would be popular for 2011 and the year thus far has played out that way. Homes purchased needing renovation were a significant segment of the market.

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 All statistics gathered and analyzed by Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker from, our local MLS (which I'm a member).

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